Vb Anandha Ltd

Registered Address
Vb Anandha Ltd
12 Thornton Road
High Barnet
United Kingdom
Details Dormant
Company Number: 05838015
Registered: 06 June 2006
Category: Private Limited with Share Capital
Type: Dormant
Industry: Dormant Company
SIC (2007): 99999
Year End: 30-06
Accounts Filed Up To: 30 June 2007
Annual Return Up To: 06 June 2007

Summary of Vb Anandha Ltd

Vb Anandha Ltd was registered on 06 June 2006 but is now dissolved. The latest accounts filed cover the period of 12 months to 30 June 2007.
MalaysianS. Keecha appointed on 06 June 2006
MalaysianMrs P. Suppiah appointed on 06 June 2006