D.F. Brint (Portishead) Limited

Registered Address
D.F. Brint (Portishead) Limited
Sapphire Court
Walsgrave Triangle
United Kingdom
Details Dormant
Company Number: 01147159
Registered: 22 November 1973
Category: Private Limited Company
Industry: Non-trading company
SIC (2007): 74990
Year End: 31-12
Accounts Filed Up To: 31 December 2013
Annual Return Up To: 01 December 2014
VAT Number (Website): GB 655067428

Summary of D.F. Brint (Portishead) Limited

D.F. Brint (Portishead) Limited was incorporated in England & Wales on 22 November 1973 but is currently dormant in non-trading company. D.F. Brint (Portishead) Limited has 2 current directors. D.F. Brint (Portishead) Limited is owned by Admenta Holdings Limited. The latest accounts filed cover the period of 12 months to 31 December 2011.

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GermanMr Thorsten Beer appointed on 03 September 2012
BritishMrs Wendy Margaret Hall appointed on 01 January 2014
Recent Events
2 months agoLatest Return (Director's Details) to 1 Dec 2014 on 05 December 2014
Companies in Group
Admenta Holdings Limited Parent of D.F. Brint (Portishead) Limited
Franz Haniel & Cie Gmbh (Germany) Ultimate owners of D.F. Brint (Portishead) Limited