D.F.Calder Farms Limited

Registered Address
D.F.Calder Farms Limited
1-3 Sandgate
Berwick Upon Tweed
TD15 1EW
United Kingdom
Trading Address
D.F.Calder Farms Limited
1-3 Sandgate
TD15 1EW
Details Active
Company Number: 00653795
Registered: 24 March 1960
Category: Private Limited Company
Industry: Mixed farming
SIC (2007): 01500
Year End: 28-05
Accounts Filed Up To: 28 May 2012
Annual Return Up To: 29 December 2012

Company Age

20 years+

Company Size


UK-Wide Ranking


Summary of D.F.Calder Farms Limited

D.F.Calder Farms Limited was incorporated in England & Wales on 24 March 1960 and is actively trading in mixed farming. D.F.Calder Farms Limited has 3 current directors. The latest accounts filed cover the period of 12 months to 28 May 2012.

D.F.Calder Farms Limited is ranked 15 for Mixed farming sector near Berwick upon Tweed. The company also has a ranking of 24 in TD15 postal area. They are ranked 25 in Mixed farming sector of Scotland, Scotland. They are ranked 59 in Mixed farming sector of Scotland. They are ranked 349 in Berwick upon Tweed and the TD postal area.
BritishTrevor James Calder appointed on 29 December 1991
BritishCarol Eveline Calder appointed on 01 January 1995
BritishAngus Roger James Calder appointed on 08 December 2010