G4s Americas (UK) Limited

Registered Address
G4s Americas (UK) Limited
The Manor
Manor Royal
RH10 9UN
United Kingdom
Trading Address
G4s Americas (UK) Limited
Normandy Way
SO40 4PB
Details Active
Company Number: 00499064
Registered: 31 August 1951
Category: Private Limited Company
Type: FULL
Industry: Activities of other holding companies
SIC (2007): 64209
Year End: 31-12
Accounts Filed Up To: 31 December 2013
Annual Return Up To: 10 April 2014

Company Age

20 years+

Company Size


Summary of G4s Americas (UK) Limited

G4s Americas (UK) Limited was incorporated in England & Wales on 31 August 1951 and is actively trading in activities of other holding companies. G4s Americas (UK) Limited has 3 current directors. G4s Americas (UK) Limited is owned by G4s International 105 (UK) Limited. The latest accounts filed cover the period of 12 months to 31 December 2012.
BritishMr Peter Vincent David appointed on 01 January 2007
DanishMr Soren Lundsberg-Nielsen appointed on 31 July 2013
BritishMr Himanshu Haridas Raja appointed on 28 February 2014
Previously Known As
Securicor (Americas) Limited changed on 07 October 2010
Securicor Neal & Massy Limited changed on 17 October 1997
Night Security Limited changed on 27 September 1995
Companies in Group
G4s International 105 (UK) Limited Parent of G4s Americas (UK) Limited
G4s Plc Ultimate owners of G4s Americas (UK) Limited