H. Neville (Chemist) Limited

Registered Address
H. Neville (Chemist) Limited
1 Thane Road West
United Kingdom
Details Dissolved
Company Number: 00468324
Registered: 11 May 1949
Category: Private Limited Company
Type: FULL
SIC (2007): 7499
Year End: 31-03
Accounts Filed Up To: 31 March 2009
Annual Return Up To: 22 August 2009

Summary of H. Neville (Chemist) Limited

H. Neville (Chemist) Limited was registered on 11 May 1949 but is now dissolved. The latest accounts filed cover the period of 12 months to 31 March 2009.
BritishMr David Charles Geoffrey Foster appointed on 17 February 2010
BritishChristopher James Giles appointed on 17 February 2010