P.Davenport Limited

Registered Address
P.Davenport Limited
C/O Grant Thornton
Heron House Albert Square
Greater Manchester
M60 8GT
United Kingdom
Details Dissolved
Company Number: 00213702
Registered: 08 May 1926
Category: Private Limited with Share Capital
Type: Full Accounts
Industry: Non-trading company
SIC (2007): 74990

Summary of P.Davenport Limited

P.Davenport Limited was registered on 08 May 1926 but is now dissolved.
BritishC.V. Balakrishnan appointed on 30 September 1991
BritishMr A.W. Laughton appointed on 30 September 1991
BritishMr C. Kirrane Chartered Accountant appointed on 24 June 1996